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Fishing & Fun (Local Fishing)

Combine fishing with other activities to make it a fun day out.

We have created Fishing & Fun excursions to cater to those who want to combine fishing with other activities to get more out of their day exploring the islands. This is ideal for those who have little or no fishing experience, family day out or celebrating a 'stag' party.

Depending on your group size and budget we can offer our Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck or Fairline Phantom 40.

Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck: upto 4-6 people

Fairline Phantom 40: upto 10 people

Not everyone in the group would get to fish at the same time and the fishing technique is limited to fishing rods with a variety of tackle types.

The day is completely flexible usually we start off with some fishing and when you feel you've had enough simply let the crew know what you would like to do next: swimming, snorkelling, head off to a restaurant for lunch or simply relax on board.

Excursion departure/ drop off: Gruz harbour

Available as half day excursion (4 hours) or full day excursion (8 hours).

Excursion includes: boat hire, crew, fuel, fishing equipment and tackle, water, snorkelling equipment.

Wellcraft Coastal

Fully equipped with the latest fishing equipment. This is every fishermans dream boat. Designed for the best fishing experience.

Special offers

Contact us directly for special offers or special requests!