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Fishing Tourism in Croatia 

Fish tourism is a new concept in Croatia.

It was originally adopted in Italy as a way to provide visitors with the opportunity to go fishing with local fisherman and share in the culture, tradition and lifestyle of local fisherman. Fish tourism was later adopted in other countries where fishing was an established tradition including Greece, Spain and other EU countries.

Fish tourism is part of the wider context of marine ecotourism and involves the embarkation of non-crew members on fishing vessels for recreational-tourism purposes. Non-crew members are allowed to participate in the fishing activities with crew members.

Fish tourism activities are conducted by professional fisherman using vessels which are equipped and registered for fishing. All vessels have all the necessary safety and hygiene equipment as well as accomodation when overnight fishing excursions are undertaken. A variety of destinations can be reached along the coastline, on/around the islands and deep sea fishing. Non-crew members (tourists) and vessels must always return to original port of departure.

Fish tourism provides tourists with the opportunity to go out to sea with real fisherman and to learn what life at sea is really like. Activities include boat excursion (including overnight on board), watching and participating in fishing activities, introduction to the fishing methods and gear, game fishing, preparation of lunch/dinner on board or at shore, providing information on the marine environment and coastal biodiversity of the local area. Activities can be conducted all year round, day or night, depending on the fishing method and weather conditions.

Additional services can also be provided depending on tourists requests including accomodation, preparation of traditional fish recipes by crew members or in local restaurants, scuba diving and snorkelling.

In other countries which have developed fish tourism it has proven to be an excellent vehicle for eco-awareness and sustainability as well as a new method to regenerate local fishing communities. The fish tourism activities have received the support of the EU for its ability to provide local fisherman with a method of diversification to overcome economic hardship and regenerate coastal communities.

For tourists, fish tourism provides them with an authentic and unique experience into the lives of local fishing communities and marine environment of the local area. Such activities when implemented and undertaken successfully reduce the risk of traditional fishing methods being lost or forgotten.

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