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Captain Nick

My friends call me Captain Nick and I'm the owner and founder of Big Game Fishing Dubrovnik.

I have combined some of my greatest loves (the sea, fishing and cooking) to provide guests with the best fishing experience.

I was a young policeman in Dubrovnik before my wife Marija (a professional chef) and I decided to make a new life for ourselves and our young family in Sydney Australia. Moving to Sydney in 1984 Marija and I started by working in restaurants, where I alongside Marija started to learn the art of cooking. While working in a family owned restaurant I decided to introduce to Australians the authentic Dalmatian way of preparing seafood – freshly grilled hand picked seafood and fish with just the addition of key Mediterranean ingredients of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and/or lemon. Sounds basic enough in todays world but in the 1980s in Australia, before the increased awareness of healthy diet, I to my amazement became the best at this method of cooking in Australia. My skills on the grill preparing seafood became well known not only in Sydney's dinning scene but also earned me appearances on Japanese TV demonstrating my skills.

Marija and I continued our careers in the restaurant business by becoming co-owners of the Balkan Seafood Restaurant Sydney and later owners of the Berkeley Hotel in Chippendale, Sydney. We continued our success in the restaurant business until 2005 when I saw the opportunity for a change. In 2005, we sold the Berkeley Hotel in Sydney and moved with our family back to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In 2007, I successfully completed the building of and opened the Berkeley Hotel in Dubrovnik. After many years in the hospitality industry I decided to leave the operation of the hotel to my daughters Katarina and Iva so I could start spending most of my time at sea.

During my time in Sydney, I always dreamed of having a boat to be able to go fishing, however the long hours of the restaurant business never allowed me enough time to fulfill this dream. After moving to Dubrovnik I decided to skipper my own boat and offer boat excursions to tourists. During the summer months I would spend my time at sea with guests exploring the Adriatic coast. When not with guests I would spend my days with long time friends fishing using traditional fishing techniques and equipment.

It was not long after that I decided that I wanted to invest in a professional and fully equipped fishing boat and become a professional fisherman. Soon after I purchased the fishing boat I had dreamed of so it was only natural we named the boat 'True Dream'.

As a former restauranter, I was many times left unimpressed by the quality of seafood provided in local restaurants, and wanted to be able to provide guests with a unique experience of being able to fish alongside me and then for me to prepare the fresh fish on board. Unfortunately until now, we were unable to offer this type of offer to tourists who were not members of crew. Now, with the introduction of fish tourism, tourists can join me in my fishing adventures.

Join us on board and let me share my love for the sea and fishing with you!

Captain Nick


Wellcraft Coastal

Fully equipped with the latest fishing equipment. This is every fishermans dream boat. Designed for the best fishing experience.

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