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Serious big game fishing 

Available from June - September

These excursions are offered only to those who have previous fishing experience and are able to handle being out at sea for 10-12 hours with the aim of catching at least one prime catch.

This is not for the faint hearted and can be exhausting especially during the summer months which is why we generally leave on these excursions early in the morning at 5am.

Various locations can be visited depending on the weather conditions and the crews previous days experience on where the fish have been sighted or biting.

Fishing guarantee: These excursions are challenging and costly and we know you would want a good catch to show for it. Our crew will do their best for you to catch a prime fish however if this does not happen we will offer you a Free replacement fishing charter.




Wellcraft Coastal

Fully equipped with the latest fishing equipment. This is every fishermans dream boat. Designed for the best fishing experience.

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